Meditations: This is for those who gossip about others

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Have you ever surprised yourself by gossiping about another? Did you ever talk to a friend or stranger about your neighbor next door who you thought was having an affair with the man at the pool? Have you ever stopped by the water fountain and talked about what a colleague did at the Christmas party on previous nights?

Gossip about others, the stars and especially the neighbors have become a common past time for us humans who travel on this planet. The act of gossiping while giving you such an immediate dose is short-lived and eventually resentment will accumulate within you between you and the person you’re gossiping about, but also within your own mind.

The act of gossiping in the workplace is a very common act, but it is also very destructive to the harmony of that place of work. See, gossip feeds on the negative thoughts of both you and others and as a result generates a state of mind that is negative and in all cases unproductive.

While a single act of nonsense gossip may have no consequences, you will discover that your mind will become accustomed to negativity and over time it will accumulate and the impact on your karma can have dire consequences on your ability to grow and nourish your life and be happy

The meditation

The first step in this meditation is to reflect on the act of gossiping during your meditation. Concentrate on the effect of the negative state of your mind while gossiping. Reflect on the pain gossip causes the person who not only listens to gossip, but is also the center of gossip.

Now that you have reflected on the first account, take a moment when you have attracted a group of people to a gossip account. As you reflect on your gossip account, look into the eyes of the people around you. See how they are reacting to your gossip. Is it positive or is it negative? Remember the pain of the gossip cause, look into the eyes of the person the gossip is about. Do you see his pain?

In the third stage of this meditation, it is time for you to develop a feeling of repentance for your actions and for having absolutely no control over the power of your mind. To help you develop this feeling of repentance, reflect on your meditation on a period in which your gossip has caused a person to burst into tears. Feel the pain that this person is feeling.

Now that you know the pain that your gossip has caused, it is time to meditate to resolve that you will avoid gossip and that you will only speak about topics that are positive and that will help your neighbor to benefit and find a state of happiness.

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