How to stop people from judging your business through nasty gossip

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We are going to have a small business and networking efforts, you do not want unpleasant gossip to be the first introduction to your talents. Here are five ways to avoid negative gossip.

1) Not everyone cares
Take a look at your marketing efforts. Are they just spamming self-promotion, insanely banal tweets or have you taken the time to learn where you could be of value? This is difficult because most people who send spam are self-promoting, are you sending or posting promotional spam messages? Your network contacts, business customers and business prospects already know what you do (or should do before joining your network), therefore, if you want to keep sending things, make it personal for them and their needs, not yours.

2) Remember who your friends are
Your closest friends do not care if you’re an idiot. Send them daily videos of cats, cartoons, YouTube and children who put firecrackers on their pants, that’s what friends do, they accept you for what you are. But any affliction, building a professional business network requires a bit of finesse. No matter how close your business relationship is: NEVER send garbage to them randomly or let them be present with the proverbial lamp in your head. You may have fun, but they will transmit your behavior peculiarities to someone who will not be.

3) Miss’s manners (ed)
There comes a time in each revolution, and in this case it is the technological revolution, where things go wrong. Manners, simple manners are forgotten in the search of “being connected”. When someone does something for you, the appropriate response is he or she thanks -… you can do it face to face, the keyboard and the keyboard or the ear to ear Punctuation, spelling and grammar are still relevant text messages during a meal or a meeting is unacceptable to answer your cell phone when you’re with someone – again hard to believe, but it’s just a nuisance and rude to your mate sending a personal note, a book or a traditional mail invitation is still a good something that will not always be “selling …, not only will not get the deal, but in all likelihood, you will never get the deal.” Be a good partner: eat with your mouth closed, be fun when appropriate, be charming, learn Some things so that you can be an expert and contemporary conversationalist, be more interested than thats interesting, and pick up the tab once in a while.

4) Positively positive
When someone in your business network tells you that they have an idea, an event, a crazy passion, a totally brain hair project (genius is often put to ridiculous measure), a new business, or a marketing concept – be the boy or girl That says: “Fantastic, tell me more and how can I help you”. Everyone has an uncle Charlie who will tell you that his idea is stupid.

5) Fly higher
Since you know that gossip makes the world go round, get out of the jet stream. Even if you are not a saint, the chances of you doing something that causes the pssst … are probably there, so build some social capital to devote your energies to build your business and network helping your friends, colleagues, colleagues, customers and customers, so that when a YouTube video comes out with you asleep with drool coming out of your mouth, there will be a dozen other people to gossip with who have not built any social capital.

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