How to stop a rumor: do not let your reputation suffer!

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Have you ever been the victim of an unfounded rumor? Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the story becomes more exciting every time it is told. It becomes so big that it seems to take on a life of its own! Since the initial appearance of the story you are concerned about how the situation will affect your reputation, both private and professional, and how it should be handled. This article will explore some practical methods on how to stop a rumor.

Rumors destroy relationships. A positive relationship can not exist without trust. When gossip enters the scene, all trust is lost. If you are the subject of gossip, the situation becomes overwhelming. It is annoying when you discover people who whisper behind your back or who act strangely when you enter a room. As much as you want to set aside the problem, it is not always possible. The hurtful gossip spreads like wildfire!

Evaluate your behavior

You may be the talk of the city because of something you are doing that is being misinterpreted. Examine your own actions to determine if you are inadvertently giving an erroneous impression. If so, altering your actions should be a big step in stopping the problem. If the rumors and idle talk still do not disappear, then you must deal with the problem individually.

Face the source

It should be fairly easy to determine the source of the story. Face the person or persons. Be kind but firm. There is no place in this meeting for anger. Ask them to repeat their version of the story to make sure of the facts. Give them the truth and ask if they will be willing to talk to everyone involved and tell them that their version of the story was not true. If an agreement is reached, the story should disappear by itself. If an agreement is not reached, then you will have to do everything possible to stop the stories.

Salvage Your Reputation

Your reputation is important, so be careful how you handle the situation! Choose your words carefully. Visualize how your actions will affect the situation before doing or saying something. Prepare for a long and hard battle.

Reassure your version of the story to anyone who hears it. You do not look very defensive. Give only the facts and do not offer your opinion about the person who started the problem. Describe the events no more than once. If the problem continues, let it go. Any further attempt to amend the problem will only make things worse. You may want to respond with strong evidence if necessary. Otherwise, tell what happened once and let the rumors disappear.

No one should have to experience the emotional turmoil caused by a moving tongue. Many relationships and reputations have been victims of apparently innocent talks. Apologies may be offered but the damage is already done. Harmful events can be forgiven, but they will always be remembered.

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