How to deal with Mobbing in the workplace

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Mobbing in the workplace is very real and there is no laughter. It occurs in many offices around the world, which leaves the employee struggling with the feeling of helpless and lonely mobbing. This can happen steadily in the hope that you get fed up enough to leave your position in the company. The truth is that mobbing in the workplace is never good and you must stay firm as long as you can. There are several things you can do to try to help remedy the situation and protect yourself from further harassment.

First, if workplace mobbing occurs with your co-workers and does not involve your manager or supervisor, let them know the situation. Keep a diary of all the harassment episodes keeping in mind who said or did what will give you a solid record of exactly what you are dealing with. When you have this list or magazine in place, go directly to your human resources department with your complaints. If the threats and harassment are serious enough, you can guarantee their transfer or termination of harassing employees.

It is important to say that you must be very careful when authorizing figures or human resources. Making the decision to do this can make people think you are a “snitch” or a “gossip story” and, if human resources do not believe the threats are valid enough, their harassers can be back in the space in your office, continuing with harassment Many times, after having made human resources or their managers aware of mobbing in the workplace, it is possible that their co-workers have to take an ethics class. On the other hand, however, mobbing could be much worse, only it can be in a more reserved way, after working hours. If this occurs, contact the appropriate authorities to file a restraining order.

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