How to deal with gossip in the workplace

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Humans are social animals and often give their opinions on various issues, even if they are not asked. They tend to argue at every possible opportunity and do not refrain from doing so even at their place of work. Gossip is a rampant part of any organization, as there may be employees who are mostly involved in the speculation of other people. While healthy discussions can help a person grow in their career, spreading false rumors can affect a person’s performance. It can also have a devastating effect on him / her, as it has an impact on the morale and productivity of the affected person. Therefore, one should refrain from being a part of the conversations and even if he had an idea about it, he should act prudently and handle it properly. These are some ways that will help you administer gossip in the workplace effectively.

Get to the root of the topic
Conversation in the workplace is common in all organizations. However, you must identify the type of discussion that is taking place. While a friendly joke can spark some moments of light among employees, the speaker starts a gossip just to get attention and spread misconceptions that point to undermining an individual’s potential.

Do not take things personally
It often happens that the person who starts the rumors is exaggerating things just to show their superiority in the company. Even if it seems like a deliberate attempt to spread malicious nonsense about you, the way you respond to the situation will be the most important. Instead of having a defensive approach, try to understand the reasons that caused these rumors and then deal with objectivity.

Know the facts
Instead of getting excited about your emotions in addressing these issues, you need to know the true story behind the generalized stories. You can search for concrete answers by interacting with the right people who will provide you with precise answers.

Examine the context
While handling rumors in your workplace, you need to identify the type of rumors, whether it is related to a particular individual or if it is gossip in the workplace. Although both must be dealt with quickly and firmly, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent employee morale from plummeting.

Address the rumors honestly
In times of uncertainty in the workplace in today’s world, rumors will surely feed more and be driven faster. If you have a high position in the organization, it is your duty to assess the fears in your team and to inform them of the facts. It’s about giving adequate security about the things you know and taking steps to find the reality about things you may not know.

Ask the chismoseador directly
Most people talk about others simply because they like to do so or have a sense of insecurity towards an individual. They use attention-seeking tactics to make their importance felt in their group. You can help these employees by confronting them to talk about their real grievances or to encourage them to talk about what bothers them.

Avoid getting involved
If you are an employee, a team leader or aspire to a higher position in the company, never participate in conversations that perpetuate the rumors. In doing so, it not only belittles its value but also creates a negative impression on the minds of others.

Discourage the spread of rumors
You must comply with the company’s policies and understand the types of discussions in your organization that are called gossip. Make sure that employees understand what is considered a negative discussion and take appropriate measures to avoid it.

Gossip can become an important reason for distraction in the workplace and even affect the performance of the company that leads to financial loss. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the rumors controlled and not allow the spread of false news among employees. The methods listed above can help you deal with gossip in your organization.

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